To Prepare for our visit to the MIA...

Permission Slip

First A few Rules
There will be gaurds. They will watch you. Nothing makes security guards more nervous than children in a museum, so just take it in stride when they follow you around.
  • First we will view the Matisse Exhibit and complete your scavanger hunt/worksheet, then you will enjoy "free" time to explore the museum
  • Stand arm's length away from all pieces
  • Mind your manners, & energy
  • You represent Mrs. Steffl and our school at all times and places
  • Do not run or yell; instead walk calmly and speak in a low tone
  • Enjoy, appreciate, and learn from this experience

What can I learn from objects in museums? (resource from the Smithsonian Institute)
Comparing and contrasting — recognizing similarities and differences in objects
  • Identifying and classifying — recognizing and grouping things that belong together
  • Describing — giving verbal or written descriptions of the objects viewed
  • Predicting — guessing what might happen
  • Summarizing — presenting information that has been gathered in a shortened or condensed form

Please view the Impressionist artworks using the link below to answer the questions found on the worksheet below.