Thank You For Subbing:

Daily Class RoutineMrs.Steffl -Art Rm 154Substitute/Paraprofessional Teacher's Copy
Here is a list of routines to help you pace each of the classes from start to finish. I have tried to include the routine my students are familiar with.
Sub Notes will be on table #6 with needed supplies and materials. Class lists and absent book will be there also. Please write all absences in the blue book for the date. If you have questions call meat 320-491-3702. Students may also text or email me with questions. Links to all powerpoints are located in the classes to the left and you will just need to open or download these for each group.
  1. Wait at door for each class of students to arrive
  2. Ask students to quietly find their assigned seats at the tables and get all materials needed before the bell rings.
  3. Share the agenda slide from the class powerpoint for the days project (slideshow name and slide number will be in the sub notes)
    1. Bellwork is an artwork, quote, question or idea that students need to critically think about and respnd to in their art sketch journals. It usually helps to further understanding of the current project and both art and life in general.
  4. Share the Lesson for the day.
    1. lesson may be something we've been working on, or a lesson prepared for the Substitute
  5. If the class has already started the project they will have their supplies.
  6. Call out list of supplies needed for the project.
  7. Remind the students that RESPECT is always expected and to make sure they are focusing on their art.
  8. Taking care of the supplies: as the class works they may need to be reminded of taking care of the supplies - especially with paints, brushes and supplies that can be used over and over again.
  9. Clean-up -- depending on how messy it gets -- you may need to allow 5-10 min. for clean-up before they leave
    1. let the students know that you are looking & checking tables to see they are cleaned!
    2. You'll want to have the kids clean-up as much as possible -- this will make it a lot easier on you at the end of the day
    3. I will usually check & clean brushes and things that need a little extra attention.
Now that you're familiar with this Daily Routine -- Have fun! The day has just begun!