RVHS Visual ART Learning Objectives
MN Visual Arts Standards

1. Understand and apply the elements of art. (

2. Understand and apply the principles of design. (,

3. Understand and apply the formal critique process to art evaluation. (,,,,

4. Students will safely use tools, materials and techniques to demonstrate understanding of diverse mediums through 2-d and 3-d art creation. (,

5. Using examples of Western and Non-Western artwork, students will view discuss for meaning diverse artworks from various cultures throughout history, including the contributions
of MN American Indian Tribes and communities. (,

6. Students will create complex works with personal meaning. (,,

7. Revise, improve and justify artworks based on feedback from self, others and instructor. (,,,,,

8. Assemble and prepare artwork with supporting artist statement for public exhibition, taking into consideration audience and venue. (,,,